Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aquaponics- Get with Sustainability

     In Hawaii, Todd and I had the chance to live in a tree house in the mountains of Waimanalo, the Windward (East) side of Oahu. Close to this tree house was the organic farm, Olomana Gardens. Olomana Gardens is a permaculture farm that prides itself on serving the local community and promoting sustainable growing systems that anyone can learn and benefit from. Glenn Martinez is the man who makes this farm run. If you are ever on the island of Oahu, he is a wonderful person to contact and learn from. His website is attached under the “Organics” section of my blog. The farms main component is its aquaponics style farming, which produces vegetables and food that feed several people and families each day. This sustainable system, which uses fish to farm, is a fascinating revolution in the way we produce products. Glenn dedicates his life to this cause and he truly believes in the power of sustainability. His goal is to have an aquaponics system (which is very easy to build yourself) in every backyard of America.
     From volunteering and observing aquaponics farming, I have come to see and believe in the benefits of sustainable farming systems. I encourage you to explore Glenn’s website and continue to educate yourself in topics surrounding the ongoing organic revolution.

Our Tree house

Aquaponics Systems


  1. do you eat organic foods? are you planning on breastfeeding or bottlefeeding? what kind of diapers are you using? i guess i'd like to know what your plans are on raising a family and environmental concerns.

  2. Marjorie, Great Questions!
    Yes, Todd and I shop and eat organic, more importantly "local" as much as possible. This was so much easier to do living in Hawaii on a farm where we grew our own food. I am going to be breastfeeding my son, I would not have it any other way!
    Diapers are an issue Todd and I are currently struggling with. From our research it seems to be that cloth diapers are the most environmentally friendly way to go. There is research out that proves organic diapers as just as harmful to the environment as the leading brands. Check out the article "The Poop on Eco-Friendly Diapers," linked under my organics section. However, there is a new type of disposable diaper out that is biodegradable called the "G Diaper." I also have a link for this kind of diaper if you want to check it out.
    The truth is Todd and I are still deciding the best way to go, as soon as the baby gets here and we decide I will let you know!

  3. yeah, i heard about cloth being just a bad for the environment and that's why i was asking. great that you eat local!