Why Write?

     I always have been one to dislike shoes, bras and clothing.  I am most comfortable bare, hence the new title of my blog.  Barefooted, bare-naked, bare-natural, bare- necessities; the word just seems to fit my inner spirit and evolving lifestyle. 
     While meditating, I often imagine every material possession I own disappearing and vanishing into thin air.  What is left is my barenaked self.  This sense of being- pure, natural, uncovered and undisguised is where I believe one can find their inner peace, health and stability.  I see this sense of purity so clearly in my son Koa.
     After my son Koa was born, Todd and I both realized we needed to rethink our consumer lifestyle. We are now 100% committed to living the most natural lifestyle possible.  Everything from the food we eat, to the clothing we buy, to the products we use-are now all natural.  Too many people in this world do not realize how many hazardous chemicals they expose themselves to every day.  It overwhelms me to think of how many examples I can name.  Take a look at the ingredients in your cleaning products, bathing products and most importantly processed food you may eat. When you open your eyes to the truth about the way the world works, you realize everything is chemically enhanced and genetically modified.  This is not conducive to good health. It is no wonder so many people are suffering from cancer these days. We have become a consumer driven nation that wastes and buys a whole lot of junk we do not need. If you ask yourself what you really need, it is the bare necessities- food, water, shelter and love. 
     Todd and I want to raise Koa in the most natural and healthy environment possible.  It took me long enough to come around and open my eyes to many of the sad realities of this world.  It took me even longer to find the drive within myself to make the commitment to change. It is easier to just ignore and live your life blindly. This is not how things change for the better.  Be bold. Be Bare- and you will be Beautiful.