Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dancing Naked At The Edge of Dawn- You Will Become a Kris Radish Fan

     Dancing Naked At the Edge of Dawn was the first Kris Radish book that was put into my hands by my college friend, Katherine. Her mother had given it to her to read and she knew after reading it the next person to pass it to. She said something along the lines of, “I think you need to read this book and let in inspire you.” She could not have been more right for at the time I was in need of some feminine inspirations and strength.
     Kris Radish in an author who believes in the inner connectedness of women and the power found within mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Lets face it girls, we need each other and we need great novels to remind us of how lucky we are to have sisters all around the world who understand us.
Over the years, I have passed this book to several of my girlfriends, all of who have loved it and found their own inspirations from it. It truly is a great book that all women can find their own connections within. It is about the power of a woman’s spirit. Reviews describe it as:
     “What if a wild moment in your life gave you the power to move to a place you only dreamed of? What if you really could dance naked at the edge of dawn every single day of your life? This story of a life coming round to where it should have started is a strong vision for all who know the power of change and chance and those who may need inspiration to be what we have always dreamed of being. Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn is an eloquent novel, that "reads like a poem" and will resonate through the hearts of women everywhere. Life, love, the joy of friendship, family bonds and the notion that, only our hearts, and not society or someone else's rules, can tell us how to live make this a book that will make every reader definitely dance. “
     You will get lost in this book and want to pass it on to the women that surround your life! In my opinion, it is a much better and more inspiring read than Elizabeth Gilbert’s, Eat, Pray, Love. Enjoy!

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